Tissot PR516GL at a glance!

Let’s take a quick look at vintage Tissot PR516GL from 70’s. It looks handsome on wrist with it’s 3D dial. There are two different cases of this watch, first with bracelet and the second with strap compatible lug design. It is hard to find one with the bracelet, because it is GORGEOUS! PR516GLs perfectly reflect 70’s watches with their 38 mm case diameter, also they look OK compared with the present century watches. But still comfortable on small wrists!

The sunburst dial and neon second hand make this watch seem very very different to me. These features make this watch a real sport wristwatch, furthermore, a bit racing one.

That’s all! Don’t forget to wind your vintage watches daily!

Unique for pilots, Seiko Flightmaster ref. SNA411

Unique for pilots, Seiko Flightmaster ref. SNA411

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Yes, you can. Indicators are one of the first couple things, when we thing about the aviation. Furthermore, most important indicator of an aviator is the unit of time. This is a unique feature that without him some units couldn’t been indicated. Let’s talk about the relationship of time and aviation in an another post, let’s talk about Seiko Flightmaster now.

case Despite the 42 mm size of this Japan origined aviatior, it wears so comfortable because of the lug-to-lug size. Stainless steel case and bracelet are not effective on watches weight. The only thing that i hate of this case is the 21 mm lug width. OMG!! this is killing me!!

Seiko Flighmaster, with it’s 200M water resistancy, is comfortable with your holiday diving plans. 🙂

movement 7T62 Quartz Chronograph. It’s just a Japan chronograph. 🙂

bezel and dial finally you have reached to the topic, where all functions of this watch are mentioned

At first SNA411 has E6B navigational slide rule and full chronograph functions with a 1/5 second resolution, 60 seconds, 60 minutes, repeats up to 12 hours, stopwatch, and a countdown timer.

All stuff that you can do with Seiko Flightmaster:


Multiplication (any two numbers)
Division (any two numbers)
Square Root
ETA (based on speed and distance)
Speed (based on distance and time)
Fuel Consumption
Climbing Altitude (based on climbing rate and time)
Climbing Rate (based on time and altitude)

Unit Conversions
Distance Conversion (Nautical Miles, Statute Miles, Kilometers, Feet)
Fuel Volume Conversion (Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Liters)
Weight Conversion (Pounds, Kilograms)
Fuel Volume-to-Weight Conversion

Short Watch Review: Seiko Mini Turtle​

Hi watchlovers,

Let’s make a short review of a recently bought Seiko Mini Turtle.

As you know, Seiko Mini Turtle watch series have been released this year. Being wearable by small wrists, is the best feature of these watches. Small wristed people, like me, couldn’t wear some Seiko cases because of their ‘big’ sizes. My the Mini Turtle series i could wear a Turtle case first time in my life. Having pepsi bezel, uniqueness of the hands and wonderful dial make this watch very very beautiful.

Watch has a diameter of 42 mm, this includes ‘wings’ of case, but the size doesn’t matter because of the short lug-to-lug distance. Height of 13 mm is a bit large for this type of small watches, but it doesn’t matter for this diver watch. This watch has a reliable Japan automatic movement 4R35, which has minimum power reserve of 40 hours.

This is the shortest review of this watch, that you can ever see.